About Bertha

Eco Driving Bertha


What is eco-driving and how can Bertha help you save money and the environment.

Technology behind

Unique artificial intelligence algorithms build to privilege fuel optimisation.

Bertha Benz

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Why should you care about eco-driving:


Road transportation consumes about 40% of oil resources and contributes nearly 80% in air pollutant emission.

Electric powered vehicles and advanced engine control systems are potential to solve this problem, but this will likely take a very long time.

Therefor we need to change our mindset and start driving more energy efficient. We call this Eco-driving.

To help us adapt to eco-driving behaviour, we have created Bertha – the eco-driving assistant. Based on advanced technologies, users will get recommendations such as “shift gear earlier” and “acceleration is too high”. By applying eco-driving, you will experience optimized fuel consumption, decreased emission and money saved.

Technology behind

What makes Bertha different

With Bertha by their side users can lower fuel consumption, increase road safety while reducing CO2 emission.

Bertha is based on the latest technologies of Machine Learning and Internet of Things, correlated with live data from your preferred navigation smartphone app. Users will experience real time nudging suggestions of driving behaviour to reach the goals of eco-driving.

By being part of the Bertha community, users will be rewarded for good driving behaviour and can gain e-tokens and win prizes. This also keeps the users active and engaged.

Who is Bertha Benz

The woman behind the name

 Bertha Benz, wife of Carl Benz co-founder of Mercedes-Benz, known for inventing the first gasoline-powered automobile. He was an engineering master mind struggling to bring his invention to the market.
But, Bertha not only funded the automobile she also proved to the world that it was safe to operate by driving between two German village. This made her the first long distance automobile driver in the world.

Just like Bertha Benz pioneered how we drive, we aim to do the same by optimizing fuel consumption through modern technology.

Picture copyright: Mercedes-Benz